Valparaíso and Viña del Mar


One hour away from Santiago you can find the city of Viña del Mar, famous for its beaches such as Reñaca and Concón, the casino of Viña del Mar and the International Festival of the song, every year attract national and international visitors to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the pleasant climate. Next to Viña del Mar, you can find Valparaíso, the legislative center of the country. A city with history, whose colorful constructions gane terrain to those hills, equipping the city of an architecture and particular identity.

In the coast of that area, you can also find beaches such as Papudo, Cachagua, Maitencillo, San Antonio, Cartagena and Santo Domingo, where nautical sports like surf, diving, windsurf and sailing are carried out. In this area you can also visit the houses of the Literature Nobel Prize “Pablo Neruda”, one located in Valparaiso and the other one in Isla Negra.


City tour Santiago Full Day

I invite you to take part of this fantastic experience discovering the beautiful city of Santiago. This is an historical city with French neoclassical style in most of the parts of downtown. You can experience the history of Santiago from its very beginning in “Santa Lucia hill”, were this city was founded. You can also visit the Presidential Palace, the cathedral, the central market, museums, and historical buildings among others. Here you can see some pictures of some of the most important and visited places in Santiago.


Maipo Canyon Tour (Cajón del Maipo)


Cajón del Maipo is a canyon located in the Andean southeastern portion of the Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile. It encompasses the upper Maipo River basin, where the river has entrenched itself in a narrow valley. Maipo canyon (Cajón del Maipo) is definitely one of the most beautiful sites in the central zone of Chile, it is only 30 Km away from Santiago, and goes in 70 Km in the Andes range, only a few Km from the Argentinean border. It is an amazing winding road all along a crazy canyon, with waterfalls, several rivers and glaciers with a very rustic atmosphere.

In this place you can also find nice restaurants, horseback riding, rafting, ski resorts, being the inner part of the canyon one of the prettiest sights to see.

Taylor Made Wine Tours

Full day tour were visting special wineries by their reputation, quality, arquitecture, or process (6 level gravitational wineries (Clos Aplata), best whites, best reds…best Carmenere. can be combined with sites: Valparaiso, Santiago, others with scenery such as the South pacific coast, Maipo canyon, South of Santiago fruit region, Zapallar (North Pacific Coast) and many more interesting combinations. All this tours are exclusive and are planned between you and me, sending you all the information for your final approval. I will make the reservations and coordinate the visits and timing so you get the best in one or more days. These tours are made for people that are just into wines and they want to know more about chilean wines or others with a lot of experience and just want to see what is going on here in this remote place in earth. The diversity of wineries in Chile is huge, were we can blend all types of varities without restriction. all wineries are so different between themself in every aspect. Some are orientated to the new world, others to the old and some are both and some are just unique.


Ski trips


There is a long list of places to Ski in Chile. Best equiped in the Central Zone are: Portillo, La Parva, El Colorado/Farellones, Valle Nevado, and Termas de Chillán. All this Ski Resorts maintain their slopes (ski runs), offers Ski Classes and Ski Rental equipment. Portillo, Valle Nevado and El Colorado have artificial snow-maker machines.


Executive car services

We provide executive car services for National and International business men and other kinds of executives with a bilingual driver who is intimately familiar with the capital and the area. We also provide 24-hour airport transportation, make business travel arrangements, offer transportation for dinner shows and conventions, and take care of all your travel needs related to corporate meetings and events. With one phone call or e-mail reservation, you can set up professional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.